Fuel thieves who attempted to steal diesel from an MRH site in Essex have been foiled after their activities were detected by Fairbanks’ remote fuel tank monitoring service.

In the early hours of May 27th thieves targeted the forecourt intent on breaking into the tank farm and pumping out as much diesel as they could. Unbeknown to them, the site was hooked up to Fairbanks’ fuel theft detection service and their activities were being closely monitored.

By half past three in the morning they had broken open the manhole cover for tank 3 which they knew contained diesel. As the pumps started extracting the fuel, the stock depletion was detected by Fairbanks and the forecourt area manager was contacted to inform him of the incident.

The site manager was then alerted and he arrived on site shortly afterwards to find the thieves making a hasty exit. The police were informed and all theft equipment was confiscated for investigation.

John Lynn, managing director of MRH, said: “The fuel theft detection service from Fairbanks gives MRH the peace of mind that, should anyone break into our tanks, there is a watchful pair of eyes keeping guard of our valuable stock. Since this incident we have increased the number of klaxon alarms from Fairbanks which act as a further deterrent to anyone on the forecourt.”

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