TLM has announced it is now able to offer a one-stop shop for Oracle support contracts. Hardware, helpdesk and software maintenance will now be covered in a single contract with TLM for Oracle Convenience & Fuel Solutions.

From their next support contract renewal date, convenience and fuel retailers can now contract with TLM for all aspects of EPOS and back office support.

This simplifies the support process as they will have one contract, with one company, and one point of contact – the TLM Support Hub based in the UK.

TLM operations director Bob Laidlaw said: “TLM has been providing industry leading hardware and helpdesk support to retailers running the Oracle systems since the opening of our Support Hub facility in Exeter earlier this year.

“Now we are able to offer the final piece of the puzzle. To be able to take the software maintenance support and package that with the hardware and helpdesk support contracts we already offered simplifies things enormously for the retailers. We have an excellent relationship with Oracle, and are in a much better place to deal with them on the retailers’ behalf for software maintenance and bug fixes.”

He added: “For retailers who already have a support contract in place with TLM for hardware and helpdesk support, the new full support contract will come into play at the time of their next Oracle renewal.”

TLM CEO Lee Papper said: “We are aware of the recent confusion surrounding the support situation for retailers using Oracle convenience and fuel systems, and want to assure them that TLM will make things as simple and straightforward as possible. This is a crucial step forward in our provision of world class support. We are delighted with this most recent development.”

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