TLM Technologies is expanding into the US, after recruiting three overseas personnel with imminent plans to open an office in Colorado.

Among the recruits is Michael Johnson, former director of sales at pole sign software developer, Price Advantage. Johnson will be vice president of sales for TLM’s presence stateside. The US team also includes a new technical expert and software developer.

Lee Papper, CEO of TLM Technologies, said: "We already had links into the US market through several of our partners, however in the last year the number of enquiries we have received has really ramped up. We were beginning to spend so much time travelling backwards and forwards to keep business moving, it was only logical we take the next step to open up a presence in the US and look to penetrate the market in a more organised way."

Papper said the US presents a considerable opportunity: "The US market is still suffering with many of the same challenges we have seen, as major software companies have withdrawn products and support. If we can capture just a small fraction of this market, it will make a massive difference to our business."

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