Tokheim has unveiled an addition to its Tokheim Eye forecourt monitoring/control system, offering operators opportunities to boost their retail revenue on-site through additional sales.

The Retail CRM system links vehicle recognition/tracking with advanced customer relationship management software to provide real-time customer profiling and automatically initiate specifically targeted advertising, based on customer spend history, which is delivered via pump display screens.

The system alerts forecourt staff handling fuel and shop payments to the arrival of both new and returning motorists, allowing them to develop face-to-face relationships which help personalise each transaction, aiding conversation and encouraging repeat custom. Spend history is automatically analysed and updated after each site visit, while other customer-specific information can be entered on the system by the till operator to help build each motorist’s profile.

Trevor Wallace, managing director of Metro Security, which is Tokheim’s UK partner for the full range of Tokheim Eye systems, said: "When a vehicle arrives the operator’s till screen shows a customer’s total spend, recent purchases, dates of visits, and a range of other related details, enabling personal interaction with them in a more meaningful way. This information can be used, for instance, to suggest items they may wish to buy in the shop.

"High spending customers can also be flagged up to the till operator to ensure service levels to these important motorists are maximised."

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