Tokheim has developed an ’intelligent parking’ module for its Tokheim Eye forecourt monitoring/control system to give forecourt operators a means of controlling, securing and raising revenue when HGVs and other commercial vehicles use their facilities for overnight and other long-term stops.

The system is linked to Tokheim Eye’s site surveillance measures and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), which alerts till operators and other staff if a vehicle has parked on-site for more than 90 minutes. Many larger forecourts offer designated commercial facilities for long-term stays such as overnight parking, with toilets, showers and rest amenities, as well as associated security measures including barriers, rolling gates, perimeter fencing and CCTV monitoring.

Trevor Wallace, managing director of national security systems installer Metro Security Tokheim’s international partner for the full range of Tokheim Eye systems explains that the system enables operators to monitor who’s using their commercial facilities and automatically charge for this service where appropriate. "We’ve been asked by Tokheim Eye customers to provide a means of both monitoring activities at commercial vehicle compounds and levying a service fee, while offering operators the discretion to waive charges such as for high value fuel customers.

"Details on any commercial vehicle’s spending patterns and history of site visits are automatically flagged up using Tokheim Eye’s customer relationship management software, alerting staff to a variety of information that can be used to help boost revenue."

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