New software developed to work with the Tokheim Eye system can detect many different types of theft and will assist forecourt owners and managers to reduce losses, according to the equipment’s UK distributor Metro Security.

Metro’s managing director Trevor Wallace said that Tokheim Eye’s Shrinkage Analysis software exploits the system’s integration of high-definition CCTV cameras, epos and fuel pos payment/delivery equipment to deliver a holistic detection and deterrence tool.

He said: "Tokheim Eye monitors the forecourt pumps and surveys the scene when motorists pay for both fuel and goods in the site’s retail shop, providing both real-time and post-event data on details including the filling number, receipt, staff member involved, date, time and other useful transactional inputs, interfacing all of these with the images concerned."

This capability addresses problems such as theft by customers, staff, and collusion between the two, reducing transaction overheads and eliminating losses by tagging suspect transactions and providing surveillance evidence for potential prosecution purposes.

"The software’s analytics capability helps cut down on thefts of items and identifies trends in fraudulent transactions, fraudulent refunds, ’sweet hearting’ and staff shrinkage. Metro Security’s engineers, working with loss adjusters, can use the Shrinkage Analysis software to remotely investigate incidents spotted by the system’s sophisticated range of data inputs."

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