There will be a special focus on alternative fuels at this year’s UNITI expo, the European trade fair for the fuel retailing and car wash industries, which will take place on May 15-17 in Stuttgart, Germany. This year the trade show will be highlighting alternative fuels, exploring the development of hydrogen technology, e-fuels, natural gas-based formulas and e-mobility, by exhibiting the latest concepts and technologies and dedicating one conference day to the subject.

The organisers have also announced an increase in exhibitors and space dedicated to the car wash sector.

"We’ve grown from 25,000sq m of exhibition space in 2014, 35,000sq m in 2016, and in 2018 exhibitors from around the world will showcase their innovations and products across 40,000sq m in the state-of-the-art Stuttgart Messe," says Bruno Boroewitsch, CEO of com-a-tec and the co-organiser of UNITI expo.

He added that high level decision makers from all the major fuel retailers, oil companies and car wash operators are expected to attend. The organisers believe they will easily surpass the figures of UNITI 2016, when the event had 425 exhibitors from 36 countries and more than 15,000 attendees.

The exhibition and conferences can be attended for free. Registration for entry is now open on the UNITI expo website.