Auto Time Solutions is launching Valid ID, a Windows-based application system that assists retailers in the transaction of age-related sales of cigarettes and alcohol.

The launch follows Auto Time’s acquisition of Valid ID’s leading distributor, Time2 Biometric Clocking Systems, earlier this year.

Valid ID software allows forecourt retailers to record the working time of employees and use the same application to document customer challenges and identification relating to the purchase of age-restricted goods.

The system uses biometric fingerprint terminals which verify the attendance of staff in seconds and help to prevent ’buddy punching’ workers clocking in and out for one another.

Data is stored in the system to provide an irrefutable audit trail of accurate clocking times.

Retailers can also use the system to verify the identification of customers at the point of sale.

When challenged about their age, customers can scan their finger on the biometric terminal and register their personal information on the system (name, date of birth, etc) together with details of the identification seen at the time of purchase. Once registered, the system provides the customer with a convenient means of proving their age if they are challenged again.

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