Lincat has launched a range of contact/panini grills as part of its new generation of Lynx 400 electric, counter-top cooking equipment.

Lincat says the grills are perfect for toasted sandwiches and paninis because the new models heat up quickly and have excellent heat retention with precise thermostatic control. There are six of the new grills, with a choice of smooth, ribbed or combination (smooth lower and ribbed upper) cooking plates.

Each is available as a compact, 2.25kw single head or a high capacity twin-head, 2x2.5kw unit. Single units are priced at £343 and twin models are £510.

"First class performance, ease of use and safety of operation have been the key objectives of our new range of contact/panini grills," says Lincat marketing and export director Nick McDonald. "We have also ensured that cleaning is effortless thanks to enamelled, cast iron cooking plates. We believe that our new grills represent excellent value for money."

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