The number of bulk fuel theft incidents is growing but the industry appears reluctant to talk about it, according to a recent BBC report on the subject.

On 17th September a news item on BBC local radio highlighted two examples in Cambridgeshire where several thousand litres of diesel had been stolen during the night. In both cases the owners had been left out-of-pocket despite efforts to protect their business. They were unwilling to be named in the story which, according to the reporter, is half the problem.

The report also featured a live interview with Gareth Jenkins, communications manager of Fairbanks. He explained that cases of bulk fuel theft were on the rise and retailers should be encouraged to work together to help identify ‘hot spots’ of activity.

Fairbanks offers many retailers a theft detection service using real-time data to inform owners before it’s too late. Jenkins added: “We’ve worked with retailers to raise awareness through Forecourt Trader and we would now like to help educate more business owners on how they can protect their valuable assets and minimise the risk of fuel theft.

Fairbanks can install a klaxon on the forecourt that is triggered whenever a loss of fuel is detected – something that gives our customers peace of mind.”

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