WashTec’s Softcare2 Pro Touchless car wash is being made available as a pure high-pressure system or a combined system with the gentle SofTecs washing material, giving car wash customers the choice between touching, touchless or a combination of the two options.

The touchless system, which was launched at David Charman’s Parkfoot Garage in West Malling, Kent in May this year, uses ’spot spray turbo nozzles’ and chemical pre-treatment to achieve "outstanding" cleaning results. A drier unit with high-pressure nozzles rotates by 360° to ensure the whole car is dry.

Michael Harris, managing director of WashTec UK, said: "If you get the chemicals right and get the wash timing right, a touchless car wash can wash a car as well as a brush machine. Parkfoot Garage was our UK launch site and David Charman has been really pleased with it."

Other developments from WashTec include a tyre shiner for rollover car washes, and the SoftCare Pro Classic advanced chemical system (ACS) to make replacement of cleaning and care products in gantry car washes easier.

The new ACS uses a cartridge system for quick, safe and clean refilling of chemicals. 01371 878800