By John Wood

WashTec has launched two new products for use in the forecourt car wash sector.

The WashTec Plus online car wash management system enables operators to monitor the current status of all car washes when they are on the go, on their tablet or smartphone.

WashTec says all data is available for just-in-time access and evaluation, and it takes just a few clicks to adjust machine settings. Operators can call up various KPIs at any time and take action even while the wash system is running.

The second new product is the MultiFlex side washing system, which enables the car wash to angle much more closely into the shape of the vehicle it is washing. The innovation is a side brush that not only adapts flexibly to the contours of the vehicle but also pivots backwards by 15° when washing the rear of the car.

The MultiFlex side brushes are capable of pivoting on two axes to ensure maximum contact with the vehicle when washing around the bumper and the roof pillars. And the innovative active pivot function ensures that the wash reaches and pays targeted attention to the familiar problem areas encountered in a range of current vehicle models.

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