Top 50 Indie George Hammond has installed WashTec Security Systems’ full CCTV-based monitoring system at its forecourt in Queenborough, Kent.

Powered by Big Brother, a Dutch CCTV specialist, the system captures images from cameras located throughout the site and links them with the fuel transaction. As images are tagged together and stored as a full sequence or transaction, retrieving images is a quick and simple practice for busy on-site staff.

At the heart of the system is a powerful feature called PumpWatch, which is connected to the fuel controller and allows image searches via pump number, receipt number, vehicle registration, date and time.

Drive-offs and ’no means of payment’ incidents can swiftly be stored in the ’black list’ function reducing the risk of repeated drive-offs. Details of images and transactions can be shared easily with debt recovery agencies or the police.

John Ryeland, managing director of George Hammond, said: "The WashTec Big Brother system’s capability to link to fuel controls, coupled with its well-designed search functions, gives us confidence that we can identify and investigate security concerns when they occur."

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