Retailers are being encouraged to check out a website offering advice on dealing with waste.

Businesses can get the latest tips and information on issues such as preventing and dealing with fly-tipping and how to reduce the amount of waste generated.

There is also advice from regulators like the Environment Agency on relevant legislation.

The website, [], was originally launched in 2005 and has more than 500 registered members.

Arwyn Jones, programme manager for the campaign at the Environment Agency, said: "The website has become an essential source of information for those involved in the waste industry.

"We needed to redevelop the site to meet the needs of business waste producers as they begin to see waste as a valuable resource.

"With environmental crime having a major negative impact on lawful business, the forums also assist bodies like the Environment Agency whose duty it is to fight waste crime."

New features include a forum with threads for different business interests and an advice centre.

The website is funded by Defra’s Business Resource Efficiency and Waste (BREW) programme and operated by the Environment Agency under its Waste Crime project.