Wayne Fueling Systems has added ClearView to its Wayne Cloud. ClearView combines fuel management products acquired through the recent Wayne acquisitions of Texas-based Simmons Sirvey Corporation and Vianet Fuel Solutions in the UK. "We’re excited to introduce these new products to our portfolio," said Wayne vice president of products and services, Tom Cerovski. "They help complete Wayne’s vision of providing a comprehensive fuel management solution to our customers around the world." Clearview comprises four products:

Wet stock management services offered globally, provides basic, EPA-approved, statistical inventory reconciliation (SIR) up to sophisticated real-time fuel monitoring. The product also provides theft and leak detection and can even identify meters that are out of calibration.

Compliance and asset management is offered in the UK. It means customers can access all certificates and compliance documents through one tool while tracking compliance certificates, monitoring expiration dates and tracking service calls and history.

Construction and forecourt services are also offered in the UK. These include a tank-lining service. In many cases adding a liner will allow a tank that would otherwise have to be replaced to remain compliant.

Pricing and margin management administered by BigOil (in the UK only) helps retailers increase their fuel profitability by linking the daily Platts price to real-time sales, inventory levels and deliveries.

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