Wayne Fueling Systems has introduced, the iX Pay secure payment terminal, which can be used for outdoor payments including at the pump.

“The iX Pay T7 terminal is an all-in-one compact product serving as a retrofit terminal into Wayne legacy dispensers as well as other supplier´s dispensers,” said Wayne vice president of Europe, Damian Tracey.

“This product enables Wayne to offer the highest security outdoor payment solution to not only our European customers but those throughout the world. It includes features and benefits that go far beyond regular card payment technologies.”

The iX Pay T7 terminal is described as an all-in-one, optimal solution for: at the dispenser payment, freestanding island payment and wall-mounted payment terminal applications.

It uses Wayne’s iX Pay secure payment technology, a joint development with XAC, a global R&D and manufacturing company of commerce specific transaction automation devices. It enables point-to-point encryption, has a touchscreen, and provides secure contactless technologies that future-proof a retailer’s business.

The video module is media capable and provides a high resolution media content on a 7” large widescreen for promotions to increase revenues in-store. Features of the product also include a 2D barcode scanner and a state-of-the-art secure keypad with latest EMV and PCI certifications.

“We´re excited about the partnership with Wayne to leverage XAC’s proven secure payment platform architecture and high quality payment hardware devices to create Wayne´s custom iX Pay Secure Payment Platform. XAC´s payment industry expertise together with Wayne´s customisation and fuel retail experience brings the very best product to the retail fueling segment.” said XAC chief executive officer Edmund Chang.

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