The launch of a radical new concept for fuel dispensers to standardise across Wayne’s global production facilities and markets, can be expected in the autumn of next year, according to the company’s global president, Neil Thomas.

Since its acquisition by GE earlier this year, Wayne (formerly known as Dresser Wayne) has been able to take a more long-term, strategic approach to its business, as it benefits from the increased resources available through GE.

"I’ve been blown away by the emphasis that GE places on investment in next-generation technology," explained Thomas, on a visit to Wayne’s new factory in Malmo, Sweden.

"It has four global research centres, with 27,000 people dedicated to research and development across the entire business. The fundamental design concept of fuel dispensers is quite old, but when you get to GE and see the technology it is bringing to bear electronic metering, for example. With testing and validation I think it may have an application in our industry." Wayne plans to expand its product and services portfolio through both acquisition and product development. "Anything to do with the fuelling system and the information that flows in retail service stations, I’m interested in," confirmed Thomas. "The next generation of products will reflect the need for more compact designs, with or without payment terminals."

The flagship product in Europe is currently Global Star V. Thomas said the company was committed to the UK market; its background in supplying pumps to high-volume supermarket sites being testament to its quality and reliability.