Fuel pump provider Wayne has launched the Wayne Helix fuel dispenser line, a global family of pumps that is said to place an emphasis on intelligent design, security and advanced technology. There are three models: the Wayne Helix 2000, 4000 and 5000.

The fuel dispenser family has been designed and engineered to be a consistent, global platform on which all future Wayne dispenser configurations will be developed.

Wayne created Helix in co-operation with international design and innovation consultancy IDEO. Neil Thomas, president of Wayne, said: "From the excellence of our global engineering teams, to our collaboration with IDEO, this is a unique family of dispensers, designed and engineered based on feedback from retailers and their customers all over the world.

"The Helix dispenser is the fuel dispenser redesigned and reconceived from the inside out, and from the bottom up."

The variety of Helix models is said to help retailers reduce ownership costs through identical maintenance procedures and parts.

Paul de la Port, Wayne vice president of products, said: "The Helix dispenser family represents the next step in the progression of forecourt fuel dispensing, because this is a product that addresses the needs of everyone whose hands will touch it over its lifetime. Our research, conducted on four continents, said that consumers want a consistent experience. With ever-changing forecourt infrastructures and a myriad of choices of fuel-dispenser and device configurations, our retail customers worldwide can expect consistency and simplicity without over-spending to upgrade."

Key features include enhanced displays; improved branding/signage space visible by motorists from multiple angles; angled nozzle boots and payment interface improve accessibility; improved serviceability with a new filter spill funnel; and a new compact pumping unit filter pot that lets users exchange filters without touching fuel. Wayne Xflo fuel meter, which helps lower fuel loss and boost inventory accuracy, is available as an optional extra.

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