Karcher has launched a number of innovations including a five-brush rollover car wash and an alkaline wheel rim cleaner.

The CB Flex/5 rollover car wash with five brushes cuts the time taken to complete a high-pressure pre-wash, main wash and dry by up to 50% compared with a three-brush gantry car wash, making it ideal for very busy locations with up to 1,200 washes per month. The new five-brush system requires only two passes to complete a standard wash, as opposed to the usual four.

The new Karcher CP 901 alkaline wheel rim cleaner, left for a just a short time to take effect, gently removes even stubborn dirt such as burned-in brake dust, tyre dust or deposits of salt in winter. It is green in colour so the jet wash customer can see at a glance which areas have already been sprayed.

Karcher has also developed a new wheel rim cleaning programme that enables car wash customers to apply CP 901 with a standard high-pressure spray lance, eliminating the need to change lances. The new wheel rim option can be easily retro-fitted to existing washes.

The company has also put new textile brushes that have a greater polishing effect on its standard CB line of car washes, and redesigned the gantry so that retailers can incorporate their own graphics onto the machine.

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