Wilcomatic is helping Waitrose make using its car washes easier for its customers to use, with the installation of new bar code scanners at two of the supermarket’s sites.

Working closely with the chain, Wilcomatic discovered that Waitrose staff had customers saying that the wash code was not being accepted, which meant that staff had to leave the shop and go with the customer to the wash terminal to assist with the process.

When the staff entered the code it was often accepted, but the customers were clearly having trouble entering the code.

To cure the problem, without taking up staff time, Wilcomatic offered Waitrose the new Christ terminal with bar code scanner, where a ticket is printed in the shop in the usual way, but an additional bar code is added to the bottom of the ticket. The user can then either enter the number as normal, or just offer the ticket in front of the scanner which will then read the bar code.

Wilcomatic business development manager, Richard Morrison, said: "Our aim was to make the whole process less confusing for customers who had trouble with a number code.

"When I visited the sites a few weeks after the installation, the Waitrose staff told me that they no longer had the time-consuming problem with number entry, and that the new system has seen a major improvement on how customers used the wash.

"Customer scanning of bar codes has become common place with the introduction of self scanning checkouts at many supermarkets, so the inclusion of a bar code and scanner for the starting of a wash programme seemed the next logical development."

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