Retail and bank technology provider Wincor Nixdorf has unveiled a range of ’green’ IT solutions to help forecourt retailers become more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

At the annual Wincor World show in Paderborn, Germany last month the company introduced developments in state-of-the-art green hardware components, software for energy consumption control and reduction, and innovative lighting technologies.

Claus Vorbeck, senior product manager at Wincor Nixdorf, said: "Our target is to fulfil retailers’ desires for better performance in an environmentally-friendly way while at the same time keeping users’ operating costs low. Energy efficiency, availability and efficient service concepts have tremendous influence."

To help retailers control and reduce energy consumption, Wincor has developed a solution enabling analysis of energy use in all areas of the service station including indoor and outdoor lighting, temperature control for heating and cooling, and water consumption. A LON network is installed connecting local devices to an i-Lon server, which is connected to a central application that takes over the configuration, management and data analysing/reporting, allowing retailers to monitor and compare energy across an entire network from a central office.

An intelligent lighting system has also been developed with "extremely low" energy consumption and an extended lifetime. Benefits include efficient focusing with a mirror. And the Beetle POS systems use energy-efficient Intel processor technology and power-saving 80Plus-compliant power supplies, meaning more than 80% energy efficiency.

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