Yara took away the Environmental Protection and Improvement Award for its AdBlue Pouch for the Passenger Car Market at the recent APEA Live event. Anticipating the rapidly booming demand for AdBlue for passenger cars, the company developed a custom-designed packaging solution with much less plastic than conventional AdBlue canisters.

Yara’s UK business manager, Paul Norman, said: "AdBlue is a fluid used to remove harmful NOx emissions from diesel engines. This year some three million new diesel cars using AdBlue to clean the exhaust will hit European roads. Drivers will head for relevant retail outlets like fuel stations to refill their vehicles, resulting inevitably in millions of empty AdBlue containers. Using almost 200g less plastic than the alternative AdBlue canister the pouch delivers a 74% saving on a like-for-like basis."

Norman said the Yara pouch is a bespoke, integrated design for refills. Once emptied, the pouch is completely flat, taking up virtually no space.

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