ATM supplier Hanco is launching a new way for retailers to bank their takings with a charge-free internal cash machine.

Aimed at businesses using RBS and NatWest, the service allows retailers to bank daily cash takings through the cash machine while providing a free ATM service to customers. According to the company, it is the only operator offering a bank-branded cash machine service which is free to use for UK forecourts.

Gerard Ring, head of business development at Hanco, says: "Our new free-to-use cash machine service will offer important benefits to local businesses including reduced banking costs and fewer visits to the bank to deposit cash. Research indicates that providing shoppers with a free cash machine service is also likely to boost sales, drive footfall and increase customer loyalty."

Ring says consumers spend around 65% more in c-stores when using a cash machine and twice as many shoppers use an in-store cash machine when it is free (HIM CTP 2006). He adds: "Having easy access to a charge-free cash machine can also make a real difference to local communities, helping people get to their money quickly and conveniently."

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