FT Heliox EV charger

Two new rapid chargers have been brought to the market by Heliox, a European producer of fast-charging systems for electric vehicles (EVs).

The Rapid 50kW and the Rapid 150kW Modular mark the companies first steps into the passenger car sector.

Heliox has been innovating and building a flexible and high-powered Charger Portfolio from 25kW to 600kW. The newest additions are two rapid-charging solutions specifically designed for cars and light vehicles.

According to Heliox, the Rapid 50kW All-in-One is best suited for fast charging at public locations such as retail and hospitality locations. It meets the CHAdeMO, CCS and AC type2 charging standards, which means it can be used with every modern electric vehicle in Europe, and it has the capability to charge two vehicles simultaneously with AC and one DC.

The Rapid 150kW Modular is a high-Pperformance charger consisting of a power cabinet and a pedestal, and is intended for motorway and public charging.

The modular design means the charger’s power can easily be increased in the future up to 300kW. The pedestal is equipped with two CCS outlets, and it has a touchscreen and integrated payment terminal.

Michael Coljin, CEO of Heliox Group, said: “We are now seeing the effects of the pandemic on the fuel retail industry, and one of them is a fundamental shift in customers and businesses behaviour.

“Fleets are getting more and more electrified, powered by the trend of delivery and out-of-home consumption. To answer that trend in mature markets such as Europe and the US, the fuel industry needs to direct its focus from vehicle needs towards customer needs.

“We need high power charging to become more efficient and easy to scale to meet the growing demand of EVs on the road. That is why we are proud to present our first EV chargers in the passenger vehicle segment, which we have already implemented in Glasgow to power both First Bus e-buses and passenger vehicles at the Caledonia Bus Depot and plan to push further in Europe.”