AA electric van

The AA has added a dozen battery electric vehicles to its roadside service fleet, including three capable of EV to EV mobile charging.

With the EV Rally due to begin on Monday 3 July, one of the AA’s EV vehicles will be providing support for participants. The five-day event aims to showcase both charging infrastructure and the capabilities of electric cars and vans across Great Britain and the whole of Ireland.

Two plug-in hybrids and a hydrogen vehicle complete the new look fleet of low emission breakdown vehicles to be used by the AA.

The vehicles are part of a trial scheme to test EV capabilities within the roadside assistance sector as well as performing a variety of roles across the AA’s suite of motoring products. Some will be used across the traditional breakdown service, whereas others will specialise on certain faults such as misfuels and completing manufacturer recalls.

The vehicles have already helped assist members who attended Glastonbury Festival and will support those heading to Wimbledon for the Tennis Championship.

Three vehicles will be fitted with on-board EV chargers, capable of boosting EVs which run out of charge so they can get to the nearest charger. On average, the units can add 25 miles of range within 60 minutes, to help get EV drivers on their way again.

Dean Keeling, managing director of roadside service at the AA, said: “This is a ground-breaking moment for the AA and the UK breakdown sector.

“By adding a fleet of electric vehicles into our roadside service, coupled with every patrol being trained to help EV breakdowns, we have truly cemented our place as the UK’s number one company for EVs providing whole-life assistance for drivers.

“Our EV-to-EV mobile charging units showcase our innovative prowess and highlight how the AA is always ahead of the game.”