Clackett Lane

Roadchef is celebrating its Clacket Lane site’s 30th birthday this week alongside the anniversary of one of its very first employees. The site, located between junction five and six on the M25, first opened for business on July 21, 1993, and is celebrating the milestone this week with a themed party reflecting on the last three decades.

Celebrating the occasion with Roadchef is Nicola Standing, team production lead at Clacket Lane services, one of its very first employees in 1993, who started on just £3.72 an hour. Standing quickly progressed through her training, being promoted to team leader in October 1993, and then senior team leader, before later moving into production.

Recalling her time at Roadchef, she said: “It has been nothing but an absolute pleasure being a part of the Roadchef family for the last 30 years. When I first started, we offered a Juggernauts café for truckers – it was an old-fashioned cafeteria where you would push your tray around collecting food as you go. In those days, the team had to wear black skirts, black waistcoats, white shirts and boater hats. A lot has changed since then!

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with such dedicated staff, many of whom have become friends for life! I appreciate all the wonderful opportunities that Roadchef has given me which truly have made my experience so enjoyable.”

Liam Elliott, site director at Clacket Lane commented: “It is a momentous occasion to see Nicola’s achievement being celebrated with a 30-year Long Service Award. Nicola is a valued member of the Clacket Lane Team, who endeavours to provide a great experience for both customers and colleagues. We are grateful to have her as a part of our team and look forward to seeing what else she will achieve at Roadchef.”