Frigoblock electric truck

A truck manufacturer and a fleet management company have launched what they claim are the first battery-electric (BEV) temperature-controlled trucks to operate on UK’s roads.

The trucks are the result of a collaboration between Frigoblock, a European manufacturer of transport refrigeration units, and UK fleet manager NRG Riverside,

Riverside, together with its strategic partner and manufacturer of electric HGVs Electra Commercial Vehicles, created four temperature-controlled distribution vehicles ranging from a 19-tonne rigid vehicle to a 13.6m trailer, all equipped with Frigoblock inverter-driven refrigeration systems. All vehicles are currently supplied to operators for trials and to enable them to experience the benefits of zero-emission refrigerated transport.

“One of our main priorities is to constantly innovate and apply the latest technologies to provide our clients with the most valuable solutions. With this electrification project, we wanted to prove that multi-temperature BEV’s are a viable solution to eliminate exhaust gas emissions - particularly in urban, multi-drop operations – without compromising the cold chain,” said Sid Sadique, chairman of NRG Riverside.

“We chose to collaborate with Frigoblock because, with the electric transport technology being new to the UK market, it was important to work with established partners, and we knew we can count on their proven products and support.”

“At Frigoblock, we are dedicated to providing customers with our expertise and products that can help bring the environmental and performance benefits of electrified temperature-controlled transport to the cities,” said Jon Jerrard-Dinn, key account manager at Frigoblock.

“We value our long-time relationship with NRG Riverside and are proud to be part of this project, which is going to bring more BEVs into service in the UK. We have proven that Frigoblock can provide seamless cold chain management, and our technology can be easily integrated with battery-electric large goods vehicles.”

“Frigoblock’s units proved to be the most suitable solution for a large battery-electric vehicle. Installation and connectivity with the battery has proven to be straightforward and reliable,” said Gordon MacDougall, technical director at Electra Commercial Vehicles. “Frigoblock’s existing product portfolio and proactive approach has allowed us to react quickly to our customers’ needs. As more and more operators are going to bring BEVs into service, it’s reassuring to know that there are Frigoblock solutions already developed to suit UK operators’ refrigerated body requirements.”