EV charging pic

Ford Fleet Management (FFM) has announced a partnership with Mitie Plan Zero’s transport consultants to offer its customers access to advice and expertise in transport decarbonisation, with a specific focus on supporting organisations in their transition to EVs.

The partnership combines the expertise of both FFM and Mitie’s Plan Zero team in operational EV adoption and EV charging infrastructure (EVCI) planning plus wider decarbonisation capabilities, such as solar, battery storage and grid upgrades.

Mitie Plan Zero’s approach uses customer operational fleet vehicle data to provide bespoke visualisation tools that deliver an insight into the fleet energy and EV infrastructure requirements. These data visualisation tools include:

• Dwell Time Analysis – Understanding dwell time and dwell location to help clients recognise charging requirements.

• Ease of Electrification – Assessing ease for a vehicle to switch from ICE to EV based on suitable replacements, distance driven and replacement cycle.

• Visualising Decarbonisation – Showing where customers can have the greatest impact on reducing their carbon footprint within transport.

• Software and Hardware – Choosing the correct back-office software to maximise charging accessibility and how it works with suitable hardware.

• Workplace charging infrastructure – Developing infrastructure within the workplace impacting both CapEx and OpEx into the next decade.

• Employee Commute Emissions – Helping employees to reduce commute emissions which can have a major impact on an organisation’s overall carbon reduction plans.

FFM’s head of sales, Stuart Williams, said: “We realise that the adoption of BEVs into operational fleets is complex and it’s not just about the vehicle. There are so many different stakeholders and facets involved that it is difficult to see the wood for the trees. This way of working together is unique in the fleet industry, and it enables the customer to access consultancy that can give them a clear path and strategy to how they can create and deliver a Net Zero fleet and beyond”.

Mitie has supported many of its customers to roll out EVs across fleets and can also draw on its own experience of electrifying its fleet. It recently deployed its 4,000th EV, with 60% of its own fleet now electric.