Juxta render

A fully equipped, pre-assembled, autonomously operated, turnkey store for EV charging sites is now available from global tech company and micro convenience retail store provider Juxta.

The new Juxta Nomad can be fully installed and operational within 12 hours, enabling drivers and passengers to purchase food and drinks while waiting for their vehicles to charge.

Juxta is a US-based corporate start-up formed in 2022 by Vontier, a global industrial tech company, which also incorporates Gilbarco Veeder-Root

Om Shankar, Juxta co-founder and CEO, said: “Our mission is to support station operators transitioning from traditional hydrocarbon fuel stations to EV charging points and collaborate with established retail brands to extend their presence beyond fuel pumps by adding value to the charging station experience and driving top-line growth.

“While there are other players in the autonomous retail ecosphere, Juxta’s offer is unique, as it is the only turnkey store on the market that does not require complex integrations. Our Nomads are also exclusively targeted at the micro-convenience retail landscape and have been specifically designed, developed and trialed over an 18-month period to provide multiple benefits for EV charging operators.

“EV players have always known that they have to solve the retail challenge on their sites, but, until now, there has been no immediate solution – Juxta provides that solution.”

Shankar describes the Nomad as “the world’s most technologically advanced walk-in vending machine”.

“All our customers need to do is take delivery, connect to electricity, stock the shelves, cut the ribbon and then walk away, leaving the Nomad to start retailing immediately.”

The 264sq ft interior with its state-of-the-art shelving and presentation units, enables retailers to stock between 500 and 600 fast-moving, high-margin items.

“The Nomad offers the most profitable per square foot retail format in the world,” explained Shankar. “Each Nomad also provides retailers with a comprehensive suite of real time data, enabling them to optimise their retail strategy and precision-target their customers by stocking only high-demand items to reduce waste and enhance profitability.”

Shoppers can gain instant access to the Nomad with the touch of a debit or credit card. Inside the Nomad, shelf and cabinet sensors instantly detect when an item is picked up, and cameras will show who is buying what. The information is combined in the cloud to create a digital basket for each customer. If a family or group of shoppers enters the store, Juxta’s AI-driven technology will collate their purchases.

Juxta’s technology will enable compliant retail of age-restricted items such as alcohol or cigarettes. Contained within specific age-verified fridges and dispensers, restricted items will only be released after cameras have confirmed the purchaser is of the appropriate age. The technology will also have the scope to request and verify IDs, such as driving licences, to confirm the purchaser’s age if necessary.

Customers can verify their purchased items on a large touch screen before they exit the store. However, if they prefer to minimise their shopping time, they can walk straight out with their purchases, entrusting Juxta’s technology to record their purchases and charge their credit or debit card.