Lymm MSA

Lymm Motorway Services on the M6 near Manchester has been ranked as the cleanest motorway services area (MSA) in the country by Hippo Leasing.

The company analysed 12,738 reviews from 110 of the UK’s MSAs to reveal which of them was the cleanest, dirtiest, cheapest and priciest.

Hippo Leasing found that most of Lymm Services’ reviews contained cleanliness-based keywords, such as “clean”, “neat”, “pleasant” and “tidy”. One review said: “Refreshingly better than a normal services”.

Rugby Moto came in as second cleanest while Oxford’s Welcome Break came third.

The dirtiest three, according to Hippo’s data, were Hopwood Park, Thurrock Moto and Barton Park Moto.

Meanwhile, the Moto Barton Park was hailed as the cheapest MSA by drivers, with them happy to find “cheap parking” and that the “coffee to take away was excellent and cheap”. Killington Lake Roadchef was found to be the most expensive MSA with one visitor saying: “The most expensive Costa ever!”

Hippo Leasing ‘scraped’ all the reviews written about the 110 MSAs listed on the website. Itgathered over 12,000 reviews, which were then filtered for 46 keywords relating to cleanliness, dirtiness, cheapness and expensiveness, to find all the service station reviews where those terms were mentioned. It then ranked them by the number of mentions, divided by the number of reviews, which then gave a percentage of times certain keywords were used within the reviews.