Most of ubitricity’s UK chargers have been retrofitted into lampposts

Shell is to rebrand all 10,000 EV chargers operated by its on-street charging company Ubitricity as Shell Recharge.

Shell revealed the change as Ubitricity announced it is now operating more than 10,000 EV charge points across Europe, following the takeover of nearly 1,500 AC fast charge points as part of ubitricity’s Dutch market entry.

The UK remains the company’s largest market – where it operates more than 7,000 charge points, with most of these charge points are retrofitted into lampposts. However, Ubitricity is also supporting local authorities across the UK with the roll-out of AC fast and DC rapid charging points for public use.

The takeover of the Dutch charge points adds to Ubitricity’s growing Continental European network across Germany, France and the Netherlands. The Dutch project involves the takeover of nearly 1,500 existing public AC fast charge points in the provinces of North-Holland, Flevoland and Utrecht.

Within the Shell Group, Ubitricity is the full-service specialist for the expansion of public on-street charging solutions. Shell and its subsidiaries maintain a global network of more than 40,000 public EV charge points.

To simplify the use of ubitricity charge points, all 10,000 locations will be rebranded physically and digitally to Shell Recharge. Ubitricity said the integration to Shell’s well-established customer brand Shell Recharge, and the Shell Recharge App, will make it easier for EV drivers to find and access EV charging. The Shell Recharge app is already used by over 500,000 drivers. Customers can also pay via pay-as-you-go and other EV roaming options.

Daniel Kunkel, CEO of Ubitricity said: “We are excited to have rolled out 10,000 Ubitricity charge points in close partnership with local authorities all over Europe. This is an incentive for our team to further accelerate the expansion of public charging networks. We are committed to providing more drivers the right charger, at the right place, at the right time.”

In the UK Ubitricity is currently rolling out charging infrastructure across local authorities including; Liverpool, West Berkshire, Redbridge, West Suffolk, and Richmond and Wandsworth.