FT Sainsburys PFS

UK Fuels has expanded its nationwide fuel card network to 3,350 sites following the addition of 307 Sainsbury’s fuel station locations in November.

UK Fuels believes it has now become the largest independent fuel card network in the UK and by Christmas, it expects a total of 3,500 fuel stations will be accepting UK Fuels’ cards.

With the addition of Sainsbury’s, UK Fuels’ cards are now widely accepted at a range of supermarket fuel stations, including Tesco, Morrisons and the Co-op.

Over the last 12 months, additional fuel stations have been added to the UK Fuels network including a range of additional motorway service stations and over 80 independently-owned fuel stations.

“The team at UK Fuels has been working exceptionally hard over the last year to expand the network and we always had our sights set on becoming the largest network in the UK. With hundreds more supermarket fuel stations being added in recent months – giving us 83% coverage of the UK supermarket fuel station network – we have reached our goal with flying colours,” said UK Fuels regional director Jonathan Haseler.