Vikki Howells MS

Vikki Howells

Vikki Howells MS has been re-elected as chair of the Cross-Party Small Shops Group in the Welsh Parliament and Russell George MS has been elected as vice chair.

The core purpose of the group is to ensure that the voice of small shops is heard within the Senedd.

In 2022, the group met to discuss a range of high-priority issues including retail crime, the Welsh government’s retail strategy and the impact of HFSS restrictions on small shops.

Howells said: “The Cross-Party Group on Small Shops plays an important role in ensuring that the needs of small shops, the places they trade and the customers they serve are considered at the heart of policy making in Wales.

“I am pleased to have been re-elected as chair of the cross-party group to support this vital work, and look forward to continue collaborating with the Association of Convenience Stores to drive this agenda forward.”

ACS will be launching the 2023 Welsh Local Shop Report in Cardiff on February 9 during a morning launch event followed by a tour of some of the most innovative and unique stores in the area.