The lack of used electric cars on the market suggests many consumers still harbour doubts about the technology, despite the substantial Government grants available for buyers of the cars when new, according to the AA.

While the AA’s used car portal has 1,369 ‘green cars’ in stock, hybrids make up the vast majority with electric cars only accounting for 100 of the total.

Commenting, David Bruce, director of AA cars, said: “We have not yet seen a widespread consumer leap of faith to fully embrace electric cars. Some drivers feel that even with the Government grants, as well as low fuel costs, zero car tax and benefits such as zero London congestion charge, some of these new vehicles are still too pricy.

“The lack of public electric vehicle charging infrastructure can also be a perceived disincentive for those looking to make longer journeys, although most motorway service areas are now so equipped.”

The Nissan Leaf is by far the most listed electric vehicle, with the least expensive used Leaf costing about £10,000 compared with £16,000 for the basic new one.