A delegation from Falcon Sharma Group have become the first operators to accept an invitation to visit Certas Energy’s network of company-owned forecourts.

The invitation was extended at the recent Forecourt Seminar organised by the ACS, when guest speaker Ramsay MacDonald, retail director, Certas Energy offered a ‘warm Scottish welcome’ to anyone interested in visiting the sites.

The Falcon Sharma Group accepted the invitation and Rakesh Sharma, Kumar Sharma, Arshad Iqbal and Tariq Iqbal headed north and spent two days visiting forecourts within the Scottish central belt, sharing views and providing expertise.

“It was a very worthwhile exercise,” explained Ramsay. “Our guests were able to see at first hand the work we have undertaken and their feedback based on many years of industry experience was invaluable.”

For the Falcon Sharma Group, Rakesh Sharma commented: “Certas Energy has done a grand job within a very short time frame. The Sharma Falcon Group operates 14 filling stations and was happy to discuss ideas and share experiences in forecourt retailing.

“Several of the sites have huge potential to further grow revenues and we provided ideas on how best to take full advantage of these opportunities. The offer is now on the table for Certas Energy to come to the Midlands and see our business in action.”