Top 50 Indies forecourt operator Intake Developments has chosen to retie its fuel supply contract with Jet.

The company’s forecourt network comprises 10 sites, with a combined volume of about 30mlpa.

Jet has been Intake Developments’ fuel supplier for over 35 years now, making the operator one of Jet’s longest-standing customers.

Intake Developments has four sites in Barnsley and three in Doncaster, as well as forecourts in Rotherham, Sheffield and Derbyshire. All are local community-based sites on busy A roads.

Robert Campbell, managing director of Intake Developments, explained the reasons behind the company’s decision to sign a further five-year supply contract with Jet: “Since John and Anne Campbell, the founders of Intake Development, started a relationship with Jet over 35 years ago, we have been consistently impressed by their professional but friendly approach to any topic or challenge we have faced.

“Jet has supplied us with some of the finest quality fuels available in the UK from their Humber Refinery. The Jet image is immediately recognisable and very familiar to customers in our region and has been updated and modernised to stand out in the modern market. We appreciate the personable, friendly approach that all Jet staff have for their business partners.

“We’re delighted to have concluded negotiations on yet another competitive long-term deal with our long-standing retail account manager, Carl Smaller. It’s essential for fuel retailers to be able to offer four products in the current market and sales growth of Sentinel diesel has surpassed our expectations, a trend we hope to see continue in the changing market. Customer feedback for Sentinel diesel has been very positive. We place great trust in the future of the Jet brand.”

Carl Smaller, Jet’s retail manager, North East, added: “This latest supply contract sets us on the journey towards 40 years of being Intake Developments’ fuel supplier of choice. The longevity of this relationship is testament to our continued commitment to excelling at the fundamentals of fuel supply for all our dealers: offering the best value for money, product quality and supply reliability.”

Intake Developments is currently in the process of purchasing new rollover car washes and a group of new jet washes as part of the company’s commitment to providing best-in-class wash facilities to its customers. Work is also about to commence on forecourt resurfacing to improve safety and aesthetics of all 10 sites.