Jet has announced a significantly enhanced fuel card offering for its network of more than 300 independently owned forecourts. As well as continuing to offer its well-established JetCard for local customers, Jet has strengthened its card offering – with Fleetone – through UK Fuels Ltd, enabling its dealers to offer a much more attractive package to national businesses.

The Fleetone card is accepted at more than 2,700 multi-branded fuel stations nationwide including all Jet forecourts and acceptance is predicted to increase further in the coming months.

Stuart Cufflin, transport and retail services manager at Jet, said: “Research has shown that consumers want fuel cards they can use anywhere. By offering both our existing fuel card, JetCard, and the enhanced Fleetone card, our customers now have access to national coverage and cross-card acceptance with other major forecourt brands and supermarkets. We believe this enhanced card offering will help our dealers attract larger, national businesses.”

Jet has worked closely with UK Fuels to ensure a smooth roll-out of the Fleetone card. The customer application process is very straightforward – customers can simply scan the forms with their smart phone and be instantly directed to the Fleetone registration page.

From a dealer perspective, the Fleetone card delivers a number of benefits. Dealers will benefit from increased margins as, until June 2014, Jet has negotiated a dealer incentive. Dealers will also be offered ongoing support from UK Fuels, with advice on promoting the card and building up their network of fuel card customers. Dealers won’t incur any costs when upgrading to Fleetone as it uses the same platform as the JetCard.

Cufflin concluded: “Helping our dealers’ businesses thrive is a fundamental part of our dealer package and we believe this enhanced card offering gives our dealers better access to thousands of consumers nationally, while also keeping their local customer base happy.”