Jet has hailed its recent advertising campaign as a resounding success. The fuel brand opted to take a different approach to promoting its latest “Skint?” nationwide prize draw, using a combination of bus, Facebook and online advertising, as well as Waze, a traffic and navigation app.

Throughout January and February, consumers throughout the UK were encouraged to enter Jet’s online prize draw to win one of 14 £1,000 JetCards.

Skint? adverts featured for a period of six weeks on the back of 1,750 single and double decker buses UK-wide. Jet worked closely with a leading bus advertising company to select buses that travel on key routes within the local areas around Jet forecourts.

Corresponding adverts were promoted via Facebook and through a digital advertising campaign across a number of targeted news, sports, car and lifestyle websites. Jet also opted to trial Waze, which claims to be the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app.

Waze adverts work by drawing the user’s attention to a branded location pin which highlights each Jet site’s exact location. If the user taps on the pin, more information is presented and they can ask the app to take them directly to the site.

All ‘Skint?’ advertising directed consumers to a dedicated website where they entered their contact details to be in with a chance of winning one of 14 prizes of £1,000 pre-loaded JetCards.

Janet Messenger, brand and communications coordinator at Jet, commented: “There were a number of reasons we decided to try bus and digital advertising for our ‘Skint?’ prize draw. We wanted to reach out to a wider audience and engage with consumers who perhaps aren’t currently Jet customers.

“Bus rear advertising is a cost-effective way to reach motorists, pedestrians and passengers at a local level close to our forecourts. Research demonstrates that passengers spend on average 48 seconds behind buses so they have a long time to absorb our message, familiarise themselves with the advert message and respond to the call to action.

“We’ve also been really pleased with the results from advertising on the Waze app. We had over four million views in just three months and significant numbers of consumers driving onto Jet forecourts directly from our adverts on the app. It’s proving to be a great way to raise brand awareness and drive forecourt footfall. And Facebook advertising reached over 200,000 people, so again is a great way of raising Jet’s brand profile online.”

Jet will now be able to use the regionalised consumer data captured from this campaign to help its dealers communicate with their local customer base, helping to boost customer loyalty.

The 14 ‘Skint?’ prize draw winners were selected at random by Jet’s ambassador, Nicolas Hamilton.