Seventy five Jet sites have teamed up with road safety charity Brake to launch Jet’s ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign to improve road safety for children. Jet’s aim is to encouragea community-wide commitment to driving at a maximum speed of 20mph in built up areas.

Local residents around 75 Jet sites will be invited to show their support for Jet’s ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign by signing in-store pledges to drive at or below 20mph in built up areas. The pledge boards will be displayed at the Jet sites and everyone signing up will be able to take away their free Jet pledge pen.

Jet’s ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign coincides with Brake’s annual Giant Walking Bus initiative which takes place in June each year.

Tony Conway, marketing manager at Jet, says: “Jet sites across the country are taking part in the ‘20 is Plenty’ campaign, appealing to drivers to help to combat the tragic consequences of speed by slowing down in towns and villages. We are delighted to be bringing the campaign to so many local areas. Road safety is such an important issue for local families so we hope to see the communities around these participating sites join together in support of this by pledging to drive at 20mph or below in built up areas.”

Julie Townsend, campaigns director at Brake, adds: “Small increases in speed mean big increases in braking distance, but many drivers don’t realise this. At 30mph, it takes nearly twice as long to stop compared to driving at the much safer speed of 20mph. As a charity that supports families devastated by road death and injury, we see at first-hand the pain and trauma that road casualties cause. All drivers can help to prevent these needless tragedies and make the local community safer by pledging to slow down to 20mph or below in built up areas.”