Jet is to start rolling out its new forecourt design across the network following a successful 12-site pilot, which received a positive response from consumers and dealers alike, according to Oliver Müller, Jet’s retail business manager. 

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve been working on an initiative to refresh our forecourt branding, make our sites more distinctive, support our dealers in their businesses and enhance our forecourt experience in order to reconnect with consumers. We’ve built on the strength of Jet’s heritage, expertise and personality to come up with a new forecourt image that we are delighted to say has been welcomed with open arms by our dealers and their customers.

“We’re delighted with the dealer and consumer feedback we’ve gathered so far. We’ve completed extensive consumer research at our pilot sites and have obtained feedback from our dealers, all of which has been overwhelmingly positive. Ninety one per cent of consumers questioned agreed that the changes to the forecourt image improved the petrol station. We will continue to engage with both these audiences over the coming months and years as their ideas and input will help to shape any further improvements we introduce.”

The pilot involved two company owned and ten dealer-owned sites taking part, and following the success of the trial a number of sites are due to be reimaged before the end of the year.

Müller said the trial sites incorporate an array of forecourt design improvements to create a safe, friendly and welcoming environment for customers – and to help Jet dealers widen their sites’ appeal and attract forecourt footfall. These include a fabricated LED-lit logo, a soft-angled canopy with dual-colour LED illumination, an LED-lit four-price pole sign and updated signage.

He explained that forecourts come in all shapes and sizes so it was vital that the fuel brand’s new image would work across the whole network. In-depth research and testing were undertaken during the planning process, with consumer and dealer research, input from Jet’s continental business unit (CBU) and best practice from Phillips 66 in the United States helping to shape the new forecourt image.

Müller said: “The forecourt retailing market is constantly evolving and Jet is fully committed to responding to changes in consumer expectations and retail trends."

One of the sites that took part in the pilot was Jet Cothouse Service Station near Dunoon in Scotland. Scott Murray who runs the site with his father, Alistair, and brother, John, said: “We really like the new image and logo. It looks very modern, dynamic and professional. The grey works particularly well and the new canopy is sleek. The modern pole sign design is definitely an improvement and having all the prices displayed is great for pricing clarity to customers. We’ll certainly see the benefits of the new LED lights when the winter nights draw in! The canopy sets us apart from competition with its angled edges, and the combination of up lighting LED and the LED strips looks fantastic.

“Our customers really like the new design. A refresh is always welcomed by staff and customers as it helps to give a sense of pride in our store. Customers like their local site to look the part!”

Kevin Cundall, co-owner of Jet Chidswell Service Station, another of the pilot sites, adds “We really like the new Jet image. It has re-energised the site and we believe it’s better than anything else on the market at the moment. We’ve had nothing but positive feedback from the customers we’ve engaged with.”

Müller concludes: “Our new image, along with our recently rebranded Jet Ultra premium fuels offering, is key to Jet’s long-term retail strategy and our overarching goal of delivering a great forecourt experience for every Je tconsumer – every time they visit one of our forecourts. The success of this initiative to date demonstrates that we are making great strides in enhancing consumer perception of Jet as a distinctive, modern, welcoming, friendly forecourt brand. Furthermore, we are confident that the changes we are implementing are helping to support our dealers in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.”