Jet is rolling out a new green initiative to complement the re-imaging of its sites, which enables it to recycle the old yellow and blue plastic bins, but only after some teething problems.

Previously, when sites were re-imaged the bins were classified as waste and disposed of, but Sharon Morrow, brand and communications co-ordinator for Jet, asked the bin manufacturer whether the old ones could be used in the manufacturing process.

As the company already recycles plastics it was happy to oblige and Jet provided some bins for the process.

However, when the yellow and blue plastic was blended together it appeared green from a distance and didn’t match the rest of Jet’s new livery.

Morrow said: “The message was perfect ‘yellow and blue = green’ but I wasn’t completely happy with the look of the bin on the site.”

She then established the original bins came in two parts, one part blue, one part yellow, which could easily be separated, and the manufacturer confirmed it could produce a blue bin out of the blue material, and a yellow bin out of the yellow material.

Morrow said: “We are delighted to be rolling out our ‘Recycling Bins into Bins’ from June 2013 and each site beginning, or continuing, their journey with Jet, will have the innovative bins in place.”