Northern Powergrid, the electricity distribution business for North East England, Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire, has revealed the steps it is taking to support the electrification of transport in its region.

The ‘Maximising the value of electric vehicles for our customers’ report provides guidance for local authorities, fleet managers and others tasked with electric vehicle (EV) rollouts, intended to make it as simple as possible to connect new charging infrastructure.

Those responsible for installing new EV charging points in the company’s territory are also called on to involve Northern Powergrid in the planning phase.

“Our vision is to ensure that the uptake of EVs and the associated infrastructure is for the benefit of all electricity customers – not just those who can afford the first wave of electric vehicles,” said Anda Baumerte, sustainability manager at Northern Powergrid.

“We recognise that this will require on-going work and we want to actively involve our stakeholders in the process.”