Ionity has launched what it describes as Scotland’s fastest EV charging station at a site in Gretna Green, owned by MFG.

The company, a joint venture between Daimler, Ford, BMW Group and the Volkswagen Group with Porsche, claims its 350kW chargers will charge an electric car in less than 20 minutes.

Ionity is developing a network of high power charging (HPC) sites across the continent, and Gretna Green is the first of six stations to be launched in Scotland. It is aiming to open a total of 40 sites across the UK.

It says it will establish 2,400 chargers across Europe by 2020, and claims its 350kW chargers will make longer distance EV journeys far more viable than slower 50kW alternatives.

Alan Hutton, MFG’s systems and change management director, said: "We are delighted to be extending our sustainable fuel offer to customers. The growth of the electric and hybrid vehicle market is an important part of the fuel mix going forward."