The premium fuels market is growing across the UK and certainly for the Jet brand, according to Graham Clout, retail sales manager at Phillips 66, speaking at this week’s Forecourt Show.

“Sentinel diesel is now available across the entire UK,” he said. “It is becoming more and more important to have a premium fuel offering. Our dealers are looking for it and so are our customers, who invest a lot of money in the vehicle they drive and want to get the best performance from it, and protect their investment.”

“We have a very competitive deal so our dealers are able to offer premium fuels at competitive prices, certainly versus some of our competitors. Motorists are able to get a premium quality fuel from a Jet site at significantly less than some of the other major brands.”

He said dealers have claimed significant sales success, some claiming to have converted up to 20% of diesel customers to the premium brand, as well as attracting new customers because they are seeking out a premium fuel offer.

Sentinel diesel is described as Jet’s most technologically advanced, high-performance premium diesel fuel, especially designed to increase engine protection and boost performance. Indeed fuel quality was one of the main messages coming from the Jet stand.

“We are pushing the quality process,” said Graham. “The fossil to forecourt message is around the collaboration between the refining, marketing and commercial aspects of our business and how we all work together to bring best quality fuels to the marketplace on a consistent basis for our customers, for our dealers and for the Jet brand.

“The Jet brand is still backed by the best-quality refinery in Europe and our products reflect that.”