Murco’s retail marketing director Jamie Goodfellow has expressed his thanks to Murco employees, customers and suppliers for their support during the lengthy sales process which culminated in last week’s announcement that the Murco retail business had been sold to the Motor Fuel Group.

Murco’s UK operation - including the Milford Haven refinery which was sold in June - has been up for sale since July 2010.

“Despite the ongoing sales process, our retail operation has continued to outperform the market in all aspects of the business," said Goodfellow. "Both company station and dealer volumes have shown strong growth year on year and that, coupled with reasonable fuel margins and a continued strong performance in shop and other non-fuel sales, has led to record profitability in the past two years.

"I cannot praise our employees highly enough and thank them for their unfailing professionalism and commitment during a difficult and uncertain time for them personally, while also facing an increasingly competitive UK fuel market. The strong performance of the business is testament to their efforts and has played no little part in making Murco’s retail business an attractive proposition for any buyer.

"I would also like to express my sincere thanks for the ongoing support of our dealers, company owned station managers and staff and all our suppliers who have continued to support us. We see our business as a partnership as all parties benefit from working together to grow fuel volumes and shop sales and this has greatly contributed to our recent success.

"MFG is acquiring a Murco retail business in rude health, but it needs to grow to move to the next level, and given Murphy’s desire to exit the UK, the sale is a positive development as MFG are an increasing presence in the UK fuel market, committed to growth and with the necessary expertise and financial backing to achieve this objective.”