Nestlé Rowntree has unveiled a programme of activity for its £75m Aero brand, including the launch of a bitesize product expected to add £28m in sales this year.

Available from April 4, Aero Bubbles are dual-coloured, bitesize balls of bubbly peppermint Aero and comes in a 42g impulse pack (rrp 43p) and a 147g sharing resealable pouch (rrp £1.49).

Graham Walker, sales communications manager at Nestlé Rowntree, said: “We expect it will stimulate interest in Aero and bitesize, generating incremental sales.”

In addition, Aero Milk and Aero Peppermint blocks will grow in size from 125g to 150g with no extra cost to the shopper. And two new flavours – sticky toffee and Irish cream – will also be added to the blocks range. All blocks have a rrp of £1.29 and will feature a new flow-wrapped packaging.

Aero will also benefit from an improved recipe and a £6m support programme including TV advertising, outdoor media, sampling and PR.

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