Birds Eye is launching a new £6m marketing campaign – Eat In Full Colour – to encourage consumers to add more colour to their plate with different vegetables.

Focused on both its Steamfresh Family Favourites and Garden Peas, the campaign will span TV, out of home, digital, Video on Demand and PR to help the nation eat a little more goodness every day.

Steve Challouma, marketing director at Birds Eye, said: “Eat In Full Colour is our biggest frozen vegetable campaign to date and forms part of our ongoing mission to not only grow the category, but double the consumption of vegetables in the UK. For the vast majority of Brits, vegetable consumption is still lagging behind the World Health Organisation’s 5 A Day recommendation, at just 1.6, hardly surprising given that only 1.2% of all food and drink advertising on TV is for vegetable products.

“To address this, we’re now looking to continue building the presence of vegetables on TV and across other channels through the increased advertising spend on vegetables with our new Eat In Full Colour campaign. This fun and entertaining campaign will inspire the nation to eat a little more goodness every day through our convenient product solutions and tasty recipe suggestions. We want shoppers to realise the overwhelming benefits of using frozen vegetables; how they can be conveniently added to any meal, how many of the nutrients are locked in during the freezing process, and how they can help to minimise food waste.”