Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) has added two new variants inspired by tropical flavours to its Monster Energy range: Pacific Punch and Ultra Paradise.

CCEP says the two new variants will help retailers meet growing demand for flavour innovation within the energy sector, which is worth more than £1bn in GB retail and growing by 8% (Nielsen data).

Monster Ultra Paradise has hints of kiwi, lime and cucumber for a light and refreshing flavour, giving consumers an energy boost with no calories and no sugar. This will help retailers tap into the growing low-sugar energy segment, where the Monster Ultra brand, which is worth £64m, is growing by 23% and is now GB’s number one low-calorie energy range (Nielsen).

Monster Pacific Punch combines exotic flavours inspired by traditional tropical punch and is made with real fruit juice with the renowned Monster caffeine kick.

Both cans feature distinctive artwork that reflects the tropical flavours inside. Monster Energy Ultra Paradise combines the brand’s flagship green colour with an island landscape, while Monster Pacific Punch cans use iconic tattoo designs from the 1960s, including mermaids.

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