Choose a Chunky Champion is the latest activity for Kit Kat Chunky. It follows last year’s successful campaign, which was the biggest confectionery singles event ever for Nestlé, with over 600,000 votes cast on Facebook, 11 million bars sold and 200,000 new consumers entering the category (Kantar Worldpanel data).

This time around, there are four more limited-edition flavours for consumers to vote for, each represented by their very own flavour hero. They are mint, represented by Mintinator; coconut supported by Coconutrix; hazelnut backed by Hazelnutter; and choc fudge assisted by Fudgetron. Kit Kat Chunky’s key consumers (18-30-year-old men) will be encouraged to try all four flavours before voting for their favourite on Facebook. The flavour with the most votes by March 15 will become a permanent addition to the range as peanut butter was last year.

A UK-wide tour will take the competition direct to shoppers. There will also be a £5m media campaign. For independents, a special starter pack containing each flavour will be available offering them a saving of £4.

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