Country Choice has launched Pogo’s (pots-on-the-go), a range of individual hot meals for people on the move. The concept, says the company, can bring in profits of over £6,000 a year, if a retailer sells just 20 meals per day.

Delivered frozen and ready to bake, there are six varieties: sausage hot pot; vegetable curry; beef hot pot; all-day breakfast; chicken tikka masala; and chilli con carne. Each comes as an individual portion and, once heated in a conventional oven for 35 to 40 minutes at 180°C, can be displayed in a hot food cabinet for up to four hours.

Each 300g meal has a rrp of £3; they come packed 18 to a case. To help retailers display the range to full effect, Country Choice has introduced Pogo’s branded equipment including units that incorporate a compact oven in the base. The Plug & Play Pogo’s Hot Spot unit holds around 22 pots on two shelves above a 13-amp oven, all ready to heat and serve. The taller Hot Tower holds around 48 pots on four shelves and comes with bright shelf talkers to grab attention. A free fork holder can be hooked onto the heated display, providing individually wrapped forks for instant meals on the go.

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